Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Configure an LDAP Data Source Pool

You can use DSCC to perform this task. For information, see Directory Service Control Center Interface and the DSCC online help.

  1. View the properties of the data source pool by using this command syntax:

    dpconf get-ldap-data-source-pool-prop -h host -p port [-M unit] [-Z unit] \
     pool-name [property...]

    In this command, -M and -Z refer to the units in which you want data to be displayed. The M option specifies the unit of time. The value for -M can be M, w, d, h, m, s, or ms, to represent months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, or miliseconds. The -Z option specifies the data size unit. The value for -Z can be T, G, M, k, or b, to represent Terabytes, Gigabytes, Megabytes, kilobytes, or bytes.

    If you do not specify a property, all properties are displayed. The default properties of an LDAP data source pool are as follows:

    client-affinity-policy    :  write-affinity-after-write  
    client-affinity-timeout   :  20s  
    description               :  -  
    enable-client-affinity    :  false  
    load-balancing-algorithm  :  proportional  
  2. Configure the properties that are listed in Step 1.

    $ dpconf set-ldap-data-source-pool-prop -h host -p port pool-name \

    For information about how to configure the properties of a data source pool for load balancing and client affinity, see Chapter 21, Directory Proxy Server Load Balancing and Client Affinity.