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Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager CLI Guide, Release 6.2.0

Release 6.2.0




1. Overview

Overview of the sscs Command

Understanding Command Syntax

Logging In to the sscs Environment

Exit Status Codes

Command Quick Reference

Monitoring and General Administration Commands

Array Configuration Commands

2. Common Tasks

Discovering Arrays

Command Sequence

Creating a Volume

Sample Data

Command Sequence

Creating a Snapshot

Commands Used

Sample Data

Command Sequence

3. Monitoring and Administration Commands for All Arrays

add notification

add registeredarray

add userrole

list alarm

list array

list date

list device

list devices

list disk

list event

list firmware

list fru

list jobs

list log

list mgmt-sw

list notification

list registeredarray

list site

list storage-system

list userrole



modify agent

modify array

modify firmware

modify mgmt-sw

modify registeredarray

modify site

modify storage-system

modify userrole

register storage-system

register sun-connect

remove alarm

remove notification

remove registeredarray

remove userrole


unregister storage-system

unregister sun-connection


4. Configuration Commands for Arrays with RAID Controllers

add hostgroup

add license

create host

create hostgroup

create initiator

create iscsi initiator

create pool

create profile

create repset

create snapshot

create vdisk

create volume

create volume-copy

delete host

delete hostgroup

delete initiator

delete iscsi-session

delete pool

delete profile

delete repset

delete snapshot

delete vdisk

delete volume

delete volume-copy

disable snapshot

export array

export profile

fail disk

import array

import profile

initialize disk

list controller

list fcport

list host

list hostgroup

list initiator

list iperformance

list iscsi-port

list iscsi-session

list iscsi-target

list license

list mapping

list os-type

list performance

list pool

list profile

list repset

list sasport

list snapshot

list tray

list vdisk

list volume

list volume-copy

map host

map hostgroup

map initiator

map snapshot

map volume

modify array

modify controller

modify date

modify disk

modify fcport

modify host

modify hostgroup

modify initiator

modify iperformance

modify iscsi-port

modify iscsi-target

modify jobs

modify license

modify notification

modify performance

modify pool

modify profile

modify repset

modify snapshot

modify tray

modify vdisk

modify volume

modify volume-copy

offline vdisk

online vdisk

reconstruct disk

remove hostgroup

remove license

remove notification

reset array

reset controller

resnap snapshot

revive disk

revive vdisk

service fail

service locate

service redistribute

service revive

snapshoot volume

unmap host

unmap hostgroup

unmap initiator

unmap snapshot

unmap volume

unregister storage-system

unregister sun-connection