Release Notes for iPlanet Web Server, Enterprise Edition

Version 6.0 SP1

Updated February 04, 2002

These release notes contain important information available at the time of release of iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1. New features and enhancements, installation notes, known problems, and other late-breaking issues are addressed here. Read this document before you begin using iPlanet Web Server.

These release notes contain the following sections:

What's New in iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1

iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1 includes enhancements described in the following sections:

Windows 2000 Support

iPlanet Web Server, Enterprise Edition 6.0, SP1 now supports Windows 2000 Server, SP1or later as well as Windows NT 4.0, SP6a. At least 512MB RAM and 2GB of disk space is recommended for running Windows 2000.

JDK 1.3.1 Support

iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1 now works with JDK 1.3.1 on all platforms, as well as JDK 1.2.2_007 on Windows only.

Web Application Deployment and Management User Interface

You can now deploy web applications from the user interface as well as from the commandline using wdeploy. New user interfaces have been added to the server manager to facilitate:

Virtual Server Report Generation

This new user interfaces allows you to generate reports for specific virtual servers. You can access this page from the Logs tab of the Virtual Server Manager.

Role Mapping Support

iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1 supports roles if the underlying LDAP server supports roles. If you wish to authenticate roles, you need to add the following to the web-apps.xml file:

<role-mapping map-to="role" />

New web-apps.xml Data Type Descriptor

A new boolean attribute to the web application element has been added in iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1 allowing you to enable or disable a web application. By default, an application is automatically enabled with the value set to "true" in web-apps.xml. You can disable the application by setting the value to "false".


<web-app uri="/catalog" dir="/export/apps/catalog" enable="false">


For more information on iPlanet Web Server 6.0 DTD, see:

Single Sign-on Across Multiple Web Applications with FORM Login

iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1 allows single sign-on across multiple web applications using FORM login configuration. You can enable this feature in two ways.

This is the easiest approach, but the session and session attributes are shared across all applications. Example:

<!-- configure a VS-level session manager -->               <session-managerclass='com.netscape.server.http.session.IWSSessionManager'>
<param-value> 1024 </param-value>
<param-value> 8 </param-value>
<param-value> 300 </param-value>

Required Patches

Required patches are listed for the following platforms:

Sun Solaris Patches

The following patches are recommended for Solaris users of iPlanet Web Server. In addition, you should have the patches in Sun's recommended patch list. For Sun's recommended patch list, see To get Sun patches, see your Sun service provider.

For each patch, use the listed revision or a higher revision. For example, if you need patch 111111-01, the later revision 111111-03 will also work.

Note that if you are using a JDK, you may need additional patches.

Solaris 2.6

The following patch is required to run iPlanet Web Server 6.0, on Solaris 2.6:

Solaris 7

Use the latest Solaris patches for Solaris 7.

Solaris 8

No patches are required.

Compiler Patches for Solaris

The following Solaris 2.6 patch is recommended when using the CC 4.2 compiler:

HP-UX Patches

In addition to using the General-Release Patch Bundles (XSWGR1100), the following operating system patch (applicable and specific to HP-UX 11i, 11.11 only) must be installed: PHNE_23645.

You can find a list of patches for Java at: tml

Windows Service Packs

Windows NT 4.0 SP6A is required for running iPlanet Web Server 6.0.

Windows 2000 Server SP1 or later is required for running iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1.

JRE/JVM Versions

The following versions of JRE and JVM are bundled with iPlanet Web Server 6.0:

Table 1    JRE and JVM Information


JRE /JVM /JIT Version


Solaris 2.6, 8 

Solaris VM

(build Solaris_JDK_1.2.2_07, native threads, sunwjit) 

Comment out -Xrs flag in config/jvm12.conf to generate stack traces.

For JVMPI based profiling or debugging purposes (such as with hprof or dbx) purposes, use the reference implementation downloadable from: 

Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 

Java version 1.2.2 Classic VM

(build JDK-1.2.2_007, native threads, symcjit) 



Java version

Classic VM

(build, native threads, HP) 

iPlanet also bundles a variant HotSpot VM (1.0.1fcs, mixed mode, PA2.0 build This VM is not enabled. For further details on using this version see:


RedHat Linux 6.2 

Java version 1.2.2

Classic VM

(build Linux_JDK_1.2.2_FCS, native threads, sunwjit) 

This version of JVM is from 

Compaq Tru64 

Java version 1.2.2-8

Classic VM

(build J2SDK.v.1.2.2:10/31/2000-18:00, native threads, jit_122) 

The Compaq version of iPlanet Web Server is available from Compaq. 

For more information about JVM/JRE version 1.2.x for Solaris, go to:

Installation, Upgrade, and Migration Information

This section includes information for installing, upgrading, and migrating your iPlanet Web Server. For additional information about system requirements and installing the product, see the Installation Guide.

The following table summarizes the supported platforms for iPlanet Web Server 6.0. All platforms, except for Microsoft Windows 2000, require a minimum of 64 MB memory (256 MB recommended) and 110 MB disk space. Windows 2000 requires at least 512 MB of memory and 2GB of disk space to successfully run iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1.

The AIX platform is not currently supported

Table 2    iPlanet Web Server 6.0 Supported Platforms



Operating System



HP-UX 11.0, 11.0 64-bit*, 11i* 



Windows NT 4.0 SP6a

Windows 2000 Server SP1  



Red Hat Linux 6.2, based on kernel 2.2.14 with glibc 2.1.2 



Solaris 2.6,7*,8 



Compaq Tru64 UNIX 5.0a, 5.1*** 

*Supported via binary compatibility.

**As of iPlanet Web Server 6.0, older SPARC CPUs are not supported. iPlanet Web Server 6.0 continues to support the UltraSPARC architecture.

***Not distributed or supported by iPlanet; available through Compaq only.

This section also includes the following information:

Installation Issues

Problem 554863. Silent Installation Broken When Installing iWS 6.0 SP1 on Top of iWS 6.0.


Use setup -k only when doing a fresh installation. Do not use setup -k when performing a silent upgrade or reinstallation.

Problem 554941. Installing Subcomponent 2, 4, or 5 on Top of iWS 6.0 SP1 Produces Error.


Subcomponents 1,2,3 are mandatory on all systems.

Upgrade Issues

You cannot upgrade from previous versions of iPlanet Web Server or Netscape Enterprise Server to iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1, but you can migrate your 4.x web server. See the Installation Guide for information.

Fixed Problems

This section lists problems resolved in iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1.

Problem 550665. Specifying a Relative URI in a CGI Program's Location: Header Fails.

In previous versions of the server, CGI programs that wanted to redirect a browser to another location were forced to supply a URL, for example http://server/index.html, or an absolute URI, such as /index.html. Starting with SP1, relative URIs, such as index.html, are also accepted.

Problem 544444. No Way to Log Time Server Spent Processing Requests.

Prior to SP1 there was no way to log time the server spent processing requests. A new flex-log format variable, %duration%, has been added. %duration% records the time in microseconds the server spent handling the request. Statistics must be enabled for the server instance before %duration% can be used. See the Administrator's Guide for information on enabling statistics. For more information on log file formats, refer to the NSAPI Programmer's Guide and the Administrator's Guide.

Problem 550505. Server Does Not Track the Number of Times the Keep-alive Subsystem Was Full.

Prior to SP1 there was no way to track when the keep-alive subsystem was full. The server now tracks the number of times a connection was not added to the keep-alive subsystem because the keep-alive subsystem was full. This information is presented as KeepAliveRefusals in .perf output. For more information on .perf, refer to the Performance, Tuning, Sizing, and Scaling Guide.

Problem 549754. Cannot Use an Arbitrary URI as an Error Page.

Prior to SP1 it was not possible to use an arbitrary server resource, such as a JSP or SHTML page, as the error page. As of SP1, the parameter uri has been added to the send-error Error SAF. uri specifies the URI of a resource to use when an error is encountered.

Consider the following line from obj.conf:

Error fn="send-error" reason="Not Found" uri="/notfound.jsp"


This line instructs send-error to behave as though the client had requested /notfound.jsp when the client requests a URI that does not exist. If an error is encountered when accessing /notfound.jsp, the HTML file at /usr/iplanet/servers/docs/notfound.html will be displayed instead. For more information on the send-error Error SAF, refer to the NSAPI Programmer's Guide.

Problem 554157. Search: Guided Search Screen Does Not Show Up Using IE.

Problem 547053. Set-user-id-on-execute Cgistub Doesn't Work on Linux.

Problem 553775. JAVA: SECURITY Authentication Rules Broken Based on Role-mapping.

Problem 547682. JDK 1.3.1 Suffled Parameters in Output Using Classic JVM.

Problem 551907. Filters Not Reloaded when the Classes in a Web-app Are Changed.

Problem 554353. Migration: Migration Page Throws Errors During Migration of Hardware Virual Servers via virtual.conf

Problem 554159. SSL: Unable to Have SSL on Admin and Instance Server for Linux.

Problem 554465. wdeploy: Hard Delete Failed if Server Instance Not Running.

Problem 555730. Migration: Unable to Start Migrated Server Instance on NT.

Problem 546765. NCA Failure with Certain SAFs.

Problem 545375. VS: Using "any","ANY","INADDR_ANY" IP Could Not Select Matching IP.

Problem 543799. AIX: Bogus/Misleading Acceptor Thread Error Message.

Problem 545609. Hardware Virtual Servers Configured by obj.conf Do Not Get Migrated Properly.

Problem 552229. WEBAPP:Sample HelloWorld.war Needs Updating since the JAXP v1.1 Enforces DTD Conformance.

Problem 550920. getResource() Does Not Work on Resources Bundled in .jar files.

Problem 552001. WDEPLOY: Need to Have a Type Checking for the [-n] parameter.

Problem 551491. FileStore Fails to Report init Failure.

Problem 551144. New NSS Ciphers Are Automatically Enabled.

Problem 548803. JDK1.3.1: Can't Start the Server in Linux.

Problem 551103. Serialization Fix Causes JSP Recompilation Errors.

Problem 549900, 549774. Document Root Does Not Support Dash (-).

Problem 549762. Java Web Application Admin Screen Should Create Non-existent web-apps XML Files.

Problem 549749. wdeploy Does Not Work on VSs Other Than the Default One.

Problem 549618. VS: Couldn't Add Any Group Member when Select "any."

Problem 543265. Admin: Dist. Admin Default Prompt Should Not Be ' '.

Problem 538648. VS: Do Not Allow VS State "off" While It Is the Default VS.

Problem 543245. Distributed Administration Issues an Error When LDAP Server is Down, Cannot Get to Web Server Administration Server.

Problem 550847. Update JAXP XML Parser to v1.1 (currently 1.0.1) .

Problem 551863. wdeploy Doesn't Create Directory (under document root) When -d Is Omitted.

Problem 549749. Session Failover/Persistence Does Not Work with Legacy Servlets.

Problem 551553. Migration - JSPs: Getting Servlet Service Exception When Migrating JSPs from iWS 4.1 to iWS 6.0.

Problem 552516. JAVA: Failure in Authenticating a Valid User.

Problem 549797. Session Tracking Failed When No Session Manager Is Specified.

Problem 543748. jvm.serializeFirstRequest=1 Not Working Correctly.

Problem 543882. URL-Pattern Suffix Matching Misses Intended Mapping.

Problem 549541. Dist Admin: Set ACL for Preferences to a Particular User Gives a `Permission Denied' when Click on Browse Button.

Problem 531704. NSAPI Configuration Doesn't Migrate from 4.X to 6.0.

Problem 537073 (NT only). Migrate Server Page Throws Errors.

Problem 542994. AsyncDNS is not Supported in this Release of the Server.

Problem 519936. Entering an Extra Space on the Listen Socket Generates an Error.

Problem 544385. Help for Clusters.

Problem. 544449. Cannot Change Groups Settings in Edit Listen Socket when Listen Sockets Table IP Is Set to `Any'.

Problem 544902. Virtual Server User Interface Does not Accept "." or "-" characters for Either the Listen Socket ID and the Virtual Server ID.

Problem 545947. Cannot Transfer magnus.conf to More than One Cluster at a Time.

Problem 535158. Unable to Stop the Server when using JDK version 1.2.2_07.

Problem 543691. Mail and News Collections Show Physical Path in URL.

Problem 539908. Unable to Generate Report for Server Statistics for Different Virtual Servers.

Problem 542976. Distributed Administration: Internal Error when "Allow end user access: = no".

Problem 543876. "method Not allowed" for Manage Language List.

Problem 543902. Administration Server User Interface does Not Show the Entry for an User While ACL File Does Indicate the Entry.

Problem 545568. With Distributed Administration, End User Access not Loading User Page on Login.

Problem 544902. (Solaris only) JVM Options: Default JVM Options Should Be Optimal.

Problem 545874. (Windows NT only). An Error May Occur When Creating or Maintaining a Collection

Problem 543196. (Windows NT only) System Hangs When Adding Two Collections.

Known Problems and Solutions

This section lists known problems with this release of iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1. Information is organized into the following areas:


Problem 551659. Search: Guided Search Does Not Work Over SSL.

Problem 554092. VS Command line: Should Add an Option for Accept Lang on/off When Creating VS CLASS.

A new optional parameter, acptlang, has been added for creating a virtual server class. You must add [-acptlang] to the command line to enable accept language header parsing for your server. The default is `off' if this parameter is not added.

Problem 549203 (Unix only). Setuid Cgistub Shouldn't Allow Execution of Root-owned Binaries.

As of SP1, the set-user-ID-on-execute (suid) Cgistub will not allow a non-root user to execute programs owned by root. This change enhances the security of the suid Cgistub system.


If you require pre-SP1 functionality, log in as `root' and perform the following steps from a command line to modify the suid Cgistub for instance https-instance in server root server_root:

  1. Change to the instance directory:

    cd server_root/https-instance

  2. Stop the server


  3. Change to Cgistub's private directory

    cd private

  4. Allow root to write to the private directory

    chmod 700

  5. Tell Cgistub to trust programs owned by user 0 (root)

    ./Cgistub -s "trusted_uid 0"

  6. Disallow writes to the private directory

    chmod 500

  7. Change to the instance directory

    cd ..

  8. Restart the server


Problem 549383 (Windows 2000 only). Cluster Management: Transfer File Hangs the Admin Server and Creates a 0KB File Size.

Files are transferred by the master of the cluster requesting the remote machine's admin to run clxfer. The clxfer process of the remote machine requests the master to transfer the file, and the master runs clxfer to return the file. The master receives the host name of remote machine from the request, and finds the required file in /cluster/hostname/instance-names. If, for example, a remote machine named `charis' is added to a cluster named `', the request header with `charis' as host name will fail to find the file in `cluster/charis'. The remote machine will receive a 0 byte file due to the error.


Ensure that all machines have the full name. To do that go to control panel -> system ->network identification -> property in your remote machine. Enter the primary DNS suffix to match the master machine.

Problem 546532 (Solaris only). Cannot Throw Exceptions from -compat=5 plug-ins.


  1. When using version 5.0 or higher of the Sun/Forte WorkShop C++ compiler to create an NSAPI plug-in that throws exceptions, the -compat=4 option should be specified. This is necessary because, by default, WorkShop 5.0 generates object code that is not binary compatible with WorkShop 4.2 object code. Specifying -compat=4 makes newer WorkShop versions behave like version 4.2.

  2. If you are unable to specify -compat=4, add shlib_flags="(default|parent|group)" to your plug-in's Init fn="load-modules" line in magnus.conf. For example:

    Init fn="load-modules" funcs="my-plugin" shlib=""


    Doing this will place your plug-in in its own dynamic link group. As a result, it will also be necessary to explicitly specify all your plug-in's shared object dependencies at link time. For example, your plug-in's CC command line might look like this:

    CC -G -lCrun -lm -DXP_UNIX -I/usr/iplanet/servers/plugins/include

    -o myplugin.cpp

Loading More Than 1000 Virtual Servers Slows Performance.

Adding more than 1000 software virtual servers under one class slows the loading of the Class Manager Members page.

Problem 517789. Deleting Class From Virtual Server Does Not Delete Entry From obj.conf File.

When a virtual server class is deleted from the Server Manager, Virtual Server Class, the obj.conf file still shows the deleted class. However, the class is removed from the user interface and from the server.xml file.


Manually remove the deleted class from the obj.conf file.

Problem 525692. Cannot Add a Cluster That is Under SSL.

For Cluster Management, a server cannot be added to the cluster if it is under SSL.

Problem 538947. Use of conf_getglobals() in NSAPI Init Functions.

The following is an issue for NSAPI plug-in developers or for users of third party NSAPI plug-ins that have not been certified with iWS 6.0 by their developers.

  1. If you are the developer of an NSAPI Init function, here is the technical information needed to check if your plug-in suffers from this problem and if so, how to correct it:

    The use of the NSAPI conf_getglobals() function, or the various macros in the nsapi.h header file that refer to conf_getglobals(), is not recommended within NSAPI Init functions in iWS 6.0. conf_getglobals() can only return the properties of a single virtual server. In iWS 6.0, a single web server may have many virtual servers defined with completely distinct properties, such as port, hostname, and security. Also, the configuration of any virtual server in iWS 6.0 can dynamically change over time. Therefore, a plug-in should not attempt to retrieve and store the server configuration information during NSAPI Init time, but rather retrieve the configuration in an ephemeral way during request processing time, when the server configuration information is actually needed (e.g., to build links in a dynamic web page).

    The default behavior of conf_getglobals(), if called during Init in iWS 6.0 is to leave the following fields initialized with a default value (e.g., 0 , NULL) : Vport, Vaddr, Vserver_hostname, Vsecurity_active, Vssl3_active, Vssl2_active, and Vsecure_auth. If your Init function relies on the values of these global fields but does not have error checking, it could crash and prevent the web server from coming up; or it could cause crashes at a later time if these null values are saved and later reused in other plug-in functions.

    If you are currently calling conf_getglobals() in your Init function, you should modify your code to eliminate any such calls. This will ensure proper operation of your plug-in in iWS 6.0 when multiple virtual servers exist. The conf_getglobals() NSAPI function will only return the proper values corresponding to the connection and virtual server on which the request was made if called during an NSAPI request processing phase - e.g., during an NSAPI AuthTrans, NameTrans, Service, or other NSAPI request processing phases.

    iWS 6.0 supports a compatibility mode for older plug-ins suffering from this problem. As noted in the user section, it requires the NSAPI Init functions to be marked as LateInit. When called from a LateInit Init function, conf_getglobals() will return the properties of the default virtual server of the default connection group of the legacy listen socket. In terms of the new XML configuration attributes, this means that conf_getglobals() now returns the properties of the defaultvs of the defaultgroup of the legacyls of the SERVER. It is recommended that the server should only have that single virtual server defined in this case to ensure consistent server and plug-in operation.

  2. If you are the user of an NSAPI Init function of a plug-in developed by a third party, you should contact the plug-in developer to find out if it is compatible with iWS 6.0 based on the technical information for developers stated in 1. Many Init functions will not be affected and are expected to continue to function unmodified with iWS 6.0, however, the determination of compatibility and possible need for an update should be made by the plug-in developer.

    If your plug-in vendor does not certify their Init function for use with iWS 6.0, and the function is found to suffer from the specific programming problem described in 1., you may work around the problem if:

    • you only have a single listen socket, connection group, and virtual server in your iWS instance.

    • you configure the problem Init function as LateInit in magnus.conf. This is done by adding the LateInit = yes argument to the Init line.

    • you do not dynamically reconfigure the server after it is started.

    If the above conditions are met, the Init function will be executed in an NSAPI context compatible with previous releases of iWS where only a single virtual server exists, and where this problem will not occur.

Problem 540506. TempDir Must be on Local File System.

For the magnus.conf TempDir directive, the TempDir directory must be located on a local file system in order for the server to function correctly. If the TempDir directory is on an NFS mount, the server may fail to function correctly.

Problem 542243. Couldn't Update Latest Data on UI Using IE 5.0.

When using Micosoft's Internet Explorer web browser, version 5.0 is supported for end users only. For administrators, changes to the iPlanet Web Server Administration Server configuration can be saved only when using Internet Explorer version 5.5.

Problem 544452. A Change Made to Edit Listen Sockets Groups page Does not Allow Another Change to the Edit Listen Sockets Page.

When editing a Connection Group Settings value from the Edit Listen Sockets Groups Page, a server update occurs when the OK button is pressed. Following this, if you go to Edit Listen Sockets page again and change another property, such as the Security value from `Off' to `On', then click OK, an error message may appear that states, `Please refresh your screen, data update by another user.' The Security value has not changed.


To change a property on the Edit Listen Sockets page after changing a property on the Edit Listen Sockets Groups page, click the OK button twice to effect the change.

Problem 544504. Load Configuration Files Button Should be Disabled When There are Changes in magnus.conf.

After administrative actions lead to changes in magnus.conf (e.g., enabling Search capabilities), the Load Configuration Files button cannot be used.


Use the Apply Changes button to load the changes applied to magnus.conf.

Problem 545420. Add Certificate (or Replace Certificate) Page Help Button is Linked Incorrectly.

After installing a certificate and clicking OK, the Add Certificate page (or Replace Certificate page) appears. Clicking the Help link here takes you to the wrong area: Add Certificate Revocation List Page, instead of Add Other Certificate page.

Problem 545727. Help Button from Compromised Key List (CKL) Page is Linked to Help for Certificate Revocation List (CRL) Page.

From the add CRL/CKL link, you can select the CKL file to display the ADD Compromised Key List page. The Help button on this page is linked to help for the CRL page.


Scroll down the help window until you see the help for `Add CRL.'

Java and Java Servlets

Problem 555814. Web Deploy GUI: Internal Error When User Re-enters "empty" for URI.

If you have only one web application deployed, and you are trying to edit the URI, the URI cannot be empty.

Problem 555373. Need to Support Extension Mappings for url-patterns in security-constraint.

Only path mappings are supported as url-patterns in the security-constraint element of the web application deployment descriptor (web.xml). Extension mappings such as *.jsp are currently not supported. This problem will be addressed in a future release.

Problem 552063. (NT and W2K only) wdeploy: Can't Run wdeploy Command.


Ignore the following error message when using the commandline tools wdeploy and HttpServerAdmin: "A nonfatal internal JIT (3.10.107(x)) error 'Relocation error: NULL relocation target' has occurred in: 'org/apache/crimson/parser/Parser2.maybeComment (Z)Z': Interpreting method. Please report this error in detail to"

Problem 543913 (Solaris only). JVM Options: Default JVM Options Should Be Optimal.


SP1 will support JDK1.3.1. Use /usr/lib/lwp threads for Java applications on Solaris 8. Most JVM and heap tuning are application specific.

You can find more info about the flags and other flags from:

Some of GC tuning flags are applicable to JDK1.2.2_07 as well.

Problem 547740. JDK1.3.1: Configuring iWS for Debugging Servlets and JSPs.


Please refer to JDK 1.3.1 debugging documentation:

You will need to configure iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1 to use JDK instead of JRE before you can debug.

On Unix platforms only, make the following changes to the start-jvm script in the https-admserv directory:

  1. Add ${NSES_JDK}/lib/$arch substituting $arch with the appropriate string corresponding to the machine you are running on, for example sparc for SPARC boxes, or i386 for Linux boxes, to the end of the NSES_JRE_RUNTIME_LIBPATH variable.

  2. Make the following changes have to jvm12.conf:

    1. jvm.enableDebug=1

    2. jvm.compiler=NONE

    3. jvm.option=-classic

    4. jvm.option=-Xnoagent

    5. jvm.option=-Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=<port> where <port> should be replaced by an arbitrary unused port number to which the debugger will connect, such as address=5000

  3. Start the iPlanet Web Server.

  4. Connect to the web server using jdb specifying the port number configured above.

    jdb -attach <port>

    for example: jdb -attach 5000

You are now ready to debug your servlet or JSP.

Problem 548362. JDK1.3.1:jvm12.conf: Server Doesn't Start with Default Min/MaxHeapSize.


Set the minHeapSize to 3.5 M and maxHeapSize to 64M.

Problem 543980. (Solaris only) Negative jsps/servlets Result in Memory Leaks.

JSP compilation errors, such as incorrect JSP syntax, have resulted in an increase in memory (heap memory) on Solaris.


To work around this problem, pre-compile JSPs offline to catch such errors, or remove the offending JSP if the error logs contain compilation error messages for that JSP.

Platform-Specific Information

This section describes platform-specific known problems and workarounds for the following platforms:

Windows 2000

It is recommended that you use the Internet Explorer 5.X browser with Windows 2000 SP1 or later Server Edition.

Linux Platforms


iPlanet Web Server 6.0 does not support the Search feature on Linux platforms.

Directory Server

The iPlanet Directory Server packaged with iPlanet Web Server 6.0 does not work on the Linux platform. For user and group functions, you need to install the directory server on a different operating system and link to it through your Linux web server.

Compaq Tru64

Problem 532335. VS: Cannot Start 4000 Virtual Server on AIX and DEC.


For Compaq Tru64 the system configuration file /etc/sysconfigtab needs to have these entries:




per_proc_data_size = 4294967296

max_per_proc_data_size = 10737418240


Problem 555263. iDS 5.0 Does Not Install on HP-UX Multi-byte Locale.

When using iPlanet Directory Server on an HP-UX multi-byte locale, users must install iDS 5.0 SP1 or higher. iDS 5.0 does not install on HP-UX multi-byte locales.

Corrections to Documentation

Please note the following changes to the iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1 documentation:

The AIX platform is listed as a supported platform in some documents, however, it is not supported at this time.

The Installation Guide neglects stating that HP-UX 11i is also supported via binary compatibility.

Problem 551651. A Bug Against the Programmer's Guide to Servlets.

Numerous chapters refer to themselves as "in this appendix".

Problem 556074. A Bug Against the Programmer's Guide.

The StrictHttpHeaders directive is incorrectly defined to have a default value of `off'. The default value for the StrictHttpHeaders directive in magnus.conf is `on'.

Problem 556074. Incorrect Parameter Naming in Programmer's Guide to Servlets.

jvm.compiler found twice on page 52 under Debugging Servelet and JSPs is not a recognized parameter in VM. jvm.compiler should read java.compiler.

Problem 556431. Duplication of Content in Administration Guide.

The steps on page 234 `Configuring the SNMP Master Agent' are a duplication of `Installing the SNMP Master Agent' on page 230, and are inaccurate. The steps should read `Configuring the SNMP Subagent':

  1. From the Administration Server, select the server instance and click Manage.

  2. Select the Monitor tab.

  3. Select SNMP Subagent Configuration.

  4. (Unix only) Enter the name and domain of the server in the Master Host field.

  5. Enter the Description of the server, including operating system information.

  6. Enter the Organization responsible for the server.

  7. Enter the absolute path for the server in the Location field.

  8. Enter the name of the person responsible for the server and the person's contact information in the Contact field.

  9. Select On to Enable the SNMP Statistics Collection.

  10. Click OK.

  11. Click Apply.

  12. Select Apply Changes to restart your server for changes to take effect.

How to Report Problems

If you have problems with iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1 release, contact iPlanet customer support using the following feedback mechanism:


So that customer support can best assist you in resolving problems, please have the following information available:

For More Information

Useful information on iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1 can be found at the following Internet locations:

For iPlanet Web Server 6.0 installation instructions, see the Installation Guide.

For iPlanet Web Server 6.0 SP1administrator documentation, see the online help that accompanies the product. The Administrator's Guide and related documents are also posted at the following URL:

Last Updated February 04, 2002