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Sun Java System Calendar Server Administration Guide 

List of Procedures

To run
To update Directory Server manually:
To update Netscape Directory Server 4.12 or 4.16 manually:
To upgrade your database to version 3.2.9:
Enabling Calendaring for Schema 1
Enabling Calendaring for Schema 2
To install and configure a Calendar Server HA configuration
Sun Java Enterprise System Documentation
Sun Cluster Documentation
To create a certificate database
To request and import a certificate from a root Certificate Authority
The start-cal utility starts Calendar Server services in the following order:
To start Calendar Server using the start-cal command:
To stop Calendar Server using the stop-cal command:
To stop Calendar Server processes on Solaris Operating Systems:
Listing Entries in the GSE Queue
Deleting Entries in the GSE Queue
To list statistical information:
To list statistics specifically about the httpstat counter object:
To list statistics about the wcapstat counter object:
Log Event Severity Levels
To check a calendar database for corruption
To rebuild a calendar database
To perform the dump and load procedure
To Add a New Time Zone
To Modify an Existing Time Zone
icsAllowRights Attribute: csdomain Utility
icsExtendedDomainPrefs Attribute: csdomain Utility
Other LDAP Directory Attributes: csdomain Utility
To edit the ics.conf file:

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