Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

Domain-level Filtering Example

This example assumes that Brightmail is used. It also assumes that LDAP_DOMAIN_ATTR_OPTIN1 was set to Brightmail in the option.dat file. The Brightmail attribute is set to spam and virus in the domain entry in the DC tree for Sun LDAP Schema 1. For Sun LDAP Schema 2 you also set Brightmail in the domain entries that receive spam filtering.

All mail sent to is filtered for spam and viruses by Brightmail. A Domain-level Filtering Example is shown below.

Example 14–2 Example LDAP Domain Entry for Brightmail

dn: dc=sesta,dc=com,o=internet
objectClass: domain
objectClass: inetDomain
objectClass: mailDomain
objectClass: nsManagedDomain
objectClass: icsCalendarDomain
description: DC node for hosted domain
dc: sesta
inetDomainStatus: active
mailDomainStatus: active
mailDomainAllowedServiceAccess: +imap, pop3, http:*
mailDomainDiskQuota: 100000000
mailDomainMsgQuota: -1
mailClientAttachmentQuota: 5
Brightmail: spam
Brightmail: virus

If Symantec AntiVirus Scan Engine and SpamAssassin were used, the entry would look similar to like this:

SymantecAV: virus
SpamAssassin: spam

See 14.3 Using Symantec Brightmail Anti-Spam, 14.4 Using SpamAssassin or 14.5 Using Symantec Anti-Virus Scanning Engine (SAVSE) for more examples and details.