Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

C.4.1 Function of the SMS Gateway Server

The SMS Gateway Server simultaneously functions as both an SMPP relay and server. It may be configured to have multiple “instantiations” of each function. For instance, it may be configured to have three different SMPP relays, each listening on different TCP ports or network interfaces and relaying to different remote SMPP servers. Similarly, it may be configured to have four different SMPP servers, each listening on different combinations of TCP ports and network interfaces.

The SMS Gateway Server may be configured with zero or more gateway profiles for sending SMS messages to email. Each gateway profile describes which destination SMS addresses match the profile, how to extract the destination email addresses from SMS messages, and various characteristics of the SMS to email conversion process. Each SMS message presented to the SMS Gateway Server through either its SMPP relay or server are compared to each profile. If a match is found, then the message is routed to email.

Finally, the gateway profiles also describe how to handle notification messages returned by remote SMSCs in response to previous email-to-mobile messages.