Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

C.4.2 Behavior of the SMPP Relay and Server

When acting as an SMPP relay, the SMS Gateway Server attempts to be as transparent as possible, relaying all requests from local SMPP clients on to a remote SMPP server and then relaying back the remote server’s responses. There are two exceptions:

Note that typically the SMS Gateway Server will be configured such that the unique SMS source addresses which it generates match one of the gateway profiles.

Note –

The SMS Gateway Server’s SMPP relay is only intended for use with qualified, Sun Java System SMPP clients, that is, the Sun Java System Messaging Server’s SMS channel. It is not intended for use with arbitrary SMPP clients.

When acting as an SMPP server, the SMS Gateway Server directs SMS messages to email for three circumstances:

All other SMS messages are rejected by the SMPP server.