Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Create the sendmail Configuration File on Solaris 9 Platforms

  1. Find the file file in directory /usr/lib/mail/cf and create a copy of this file.

    In the example in this section, a copy called is created.

  2. Change the following line in the file



    FEATURE(”msp’, ”’)dnl

    where is the localhost name. is the localhost name and is the default email domain as described in 1.3 Creating the Initial Messaging Server Runtime Configuration. In an HA environment, use the logical host name. See Chapter 3, Configuring High Availability for more information about logical hostnames for High Availability.

  3. Compile the file:


    The will output

  4. Make a backup copy of the existing file in the /etc/mail directory.

    1. Copy and rename /usr/lib/mail/cf/ file to file.

    2. Move the new file to the /etc/mail directory.