Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide Setting Up Distributed Shared Folders—Example

Figure 20–3 shows a distributed folder example of three message store servers called StoreServer1, StoreServer2, and StoreServer3.

Figure 20–3 Distributed Shared Folders—Example

Graphic shows example of distributed shared folders.

These servers are connected to each other as peer proxy message stores by setting the variables shown in Table 20–4. Each server has a private shared folder—golf (owned by Han), tennis (owned by Kat), and hurling (owned by Luke). In addition there are two public shared folders called press_releases and Announcements. Users on any of the three servers can access any of these three shared folders. Figure 20–2shows Ed's shared folder list. Below is an example of the ACLs for each server in this configuration.

$ StoreServer1 :> imcheck -d lright.db
Ed: user/Han/golf 
Ian: user/Han/golf 
anyone: user/public/press_releases


$ StoreServer2 :> imcheck -d lright.db
Jan: user/Kat/tennis
Ann: user/Kat/tennis
anyone: user/public+Announcements user/public+press_releases


$ StoreServer3 :> imcheck -d lright.db
Tuck: user/Ian/hurling
Ed: user/Ian/hurling 
Jac: user/Ian/hurling 
anyone: user/public/Announcements