Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide About msgcert

msgcert allows you to generate a certificate request, add a certificate to the certificate database, list certificates in the database and so on. For detailed information enter the following at the command line:

msg-svr-base/sbin/msgcert --help

This is shown below.

# ./msgcert --help

Manages the Messaging Servers Certificate Database
The accepted values for SUBCMD are:

add-cert              Adds a certificate to the certificate database
add-selfsign-cert     Creates and adds a selfsign certificate to the 
                      certificate database
export-cert           Exports a certificate and its keys from the database
generate-certDB       Creates Messaging Server Databases cert8.db key3.db 
                      secmod.db and sslPassword
import-cert           Adds a new certificate and its keys to the cert database
import-selfsign-cert  Adds a new selfsign certificate and its keys to the 
                      cert database
list-certs            Lists all certificates in the Certificate database
remove-cert           Removes a certificate from the database
renew-cert            Renews a certificate
renew-selfsign-cert   Renews a selfsign certificate
request-cert          Generates a certificate request
show-cert             Displays a certificate

The accepted value for GLOBAL_OPTS is:-?, --help
                Displays SUBCMD help

NOTE: You must stop all the TLS or SSL-enabled servers before making any 
changes to the Certificate Database.

Each of the sub-commands shown above performs a specific certificate management function. Details about these sub-commands and their functions can be obtained by entering the following:

msgcert SUBCMD –help

The remainder of this section will describe some common certificate management procedures.