Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide Managing Certificates

This section describes how to manage SSL certificates in Messaging Server To run SSL on Messaging Server, you must either use a self-signed certificate or a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution which involves an external Certificate Authority (CA). For a PKI solution, you need a CA-signed server certificate which contains both a public and a private key. This certificate is specific to one Messaging Server. You also need a trusted CA certificate, which contains a public key. The trusted CA certificate ensures that all server certificates from your CA are trusted. This certificate is sometimes also called a CA root key or root certificate.

Configuring the Certificate Database Password

When managing certificates, you do not need to type a certificate password or specify the password file. You can simply pass the password as -W argument. Example:

echo "password22" > /tmp/certdbpwd
echo "password22" > /tmp/certdbpwd
# ./msgcert list-certs -W /tmp/certdbpwd