Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Customization Guide

Pop ups

Table 3–6 shows the pop up names and the relevant JSP files to be modified for customization.

Table 3–6 Customizing Pop ups

Pop up Name  

jsp files to be modified 

New and Edit Event Pop up 

<calclient-dir> /EditEvent.jsp

<calclient-dir> /EditEventData.jsp

<js-dir> /DeleteEventConfirmRepeatSelection.jsp

<js-dir> /SaveEventConfirmRepeatSelection.jsp

<js-dir> /EditEventButtons.jsp

<js-dir> /NewEventButtons.jsp

View Calendar Pop up 

<calclient-dir> /ViewCalendar.jsp

<calclient-dir> /ViewCalendarData.jsp

<js-dir> /ViewCalendarButtons.jsp

New and Edit Calendar Group Pop up 





Subscribe to Calendars Pop up and Search for Calendars Pop up