Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Customization Guide

Example: Mailbox Tool Bar Modifications

Example 5–1 shows the necessary edits to be made in the file mbox_fs_lr.jsp to :

Example 5–1 Altered Tool Bar Layout ( mbox_fs_lr.jsp )

function getToolbar() {
+ '" onclick="Reset()"></span>'+
        nWMtoolbar(i18n['search'], 'srch()',
        nWMtoolbar(i18n['compose'], 'main.compose(\'new\')',
          'compose', 'imx/LrlNewMsg_wo_1.gif') +
        nWMtoolbar(i18n['get mail'], SpecialMboxURL('INBOX'),
          'getmail', 'imx/LrlGetMail_wo_1.gif')+
        nWMtoolbar(i18n["collect long"], 'main.collect()',
          'collect', 'imx/LrlColExtMail_wo_1.gif')

Functionally, the getToolbar() function links the “Collect External Mail” hyperlink to collect() in main.js. Example 5–2 shows how such linking is done.

Example 5–2 shows the necessary changes to be made in file en/i18n.js (text)

Example 5–2 Altering Tool Bar Text (en/i18n.js)

i18n[’get mail’] = ’Get Messages