Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Customization Guide

Customizing The Message Display Window

This section describes how to modify the Message Display window shown in Figure 5–3.

Figure 5–3 Message Display Window

Figure showing Communications Express message display window.

You can modify the following in the Message Display window:

Modifying Message Display Window

To modify the Message Display window, edit the appropriate files as follows:

Modifying the Message Display Window to Display User Defined Header Fields

This section describes how to add and display user-defined header fields in the Message Display window.

Displaying User Defined Header Fields

Example 5–4 shows how to edit the listFrameHTML(doc)() function in the msg_fs_lr.jsp file.

Example: Customizing the Message Display Window to Display User Defined Header Fields

This example shows how to display the user defined field X-document-id in the Message Display Window.

Example 5–4 shows the edits made to the function listFrameHTML() in the msg_fs_lr.jsp file.

Example 5–4 Changes made to the msg_fs_lr.jsp file

function listFrameHTML(ftime) {
var notifyto
//add this line here.
var hdrstr = main.getHeaderStr(main.msgFrame.hdr[0], 'X-document-id')
   document.getElementById('POP_UP_DIV').style.display = 'inline'
//and add here user defined X-document-id header.
if(hdrstr != '') {
  s += '<tr><td nowrap align=right valign=top width=5%' + main.base_line +
' bgcolor=' + main.chrome2 + '>' + main.font() + html('X-document-id') +
nbsp + '</td>\\n<td ' + main.cellBgString + '>' +
 main.font() + hdrstr + '</td></tr>\\n'