Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Customization Guide

Search for Events

The file name including path is <calclient-dir> /CalSearchBarPagelet.jsp. Communications Express allows you to customize the Search for events label as shown in Search for Events

Figure showing a text field to search for calendar events.

This is applicable for the following views:

Besides these, you can change the text that appears besides the search events text box and also customize the overall layout.

Text that Appears Besides the Search Events Text Box

To change the introductory text that is displayed adjacent to the search events text box, change the property uwc-calclient-toolbar-SearchForEvents in the resource bundle of <domain-dir>/en/

Example 3–2 shows the code after modifying the resource bundle.

Example 3–2 Code After Modifying the Resource Bundle

uwc-calclient-toolbar-SearchForEvents=<Customized Text>