Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Evaluation Guide

ProcedureTo Search Messages

  1. While still logged in as user Duncan, click the Mail tab in the Communications Express UI.

    A list of Duncan's messages appears.

  2. Click the Search icon.

    A Search pop-up appears. Search Duncan's Inbox for any email that has the word herbal in its body. You can search on subject, sender, body, to, or cc.

  3. Select Body from the first drop-down menu and make sure that the next drop-down menu shows contains.

  4. Type herbal in the blank field and click Search.

    The focus changes to the Communications Express UI where the results of the search are displayed.

  5. Click one of the returned search messages and read it.

    Note –

    You can search any of your folders, not just your inbox. You can also specify up to three search criteria.

  6. Return to the Search pop-up and click Close.

  7. Continue with the next task.