Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Evaluation Guide

ProcedureTo Create Conference Rooms

No conference rooms exist for you to subscribe to. However, at the beginning of this evaluation, you used Access Manager to grant Duncan permission to create conference rooms, so you now exercise this functionality to create a few conference rooms.

Note –

Users Tina and Kathy do not have permission to create conference rooms. You can modify their permissions by using Access Manager.

  1. In Duncan's main Instant Messenger window, click the Conferences tab. In Kathy's main Instant Messenger window, click the Conferences tab.

  2. In Duncan's Instant Messenger client, choose Manage Conferences from the Tools drop-down menu.

    The Manage Conferences pop-up window appears.

  3. Click New Conference to create a conference room.

    You are asked for a conference room ID and name. For simplicity, choose the same name for both the ID and the name, for example, ID: Stocks, name: Stocks).

  4. Change the Default Access to WRITE then click OK.

    The Manage Conferences pop-up displays the new conference room. If the new conference room does not appear, you might need to restart the Instant Messaging server and Web Server to enable the policy controls established in a prior section. If this is the case, quit both Instant Messaging sessions for kathy and duncan before refreshing the Instant Messaging server.

  5. Click the New Conference button a second time to create a moderated conference room.

  6. When prompted for ID and name, type moderated, leave the Default Access at READ and click OK.

    The Manage Conferences pop-up window displays the new conference room.

  7. Click OK in the Manage Conferences pop-up window to dismiss this window.

  8. As Kathy, choose Add Conferences from the File drop-down menu to add a conference room to the list of subscribed rooms.

    The Add Conferences pop-up window appears.

  9. Click Browse Conferences to get a list of all available conference rooms.

  10. Select the moderated room and click OK, then click the Browse Conferences button again and select any conference room other than the moderated room. For example, select Stocks and click OK.

    The selected room appears in the Add Conferences window.

    1. Click OK to add the conferences in the Conferences tab.

    2. Make sure that both Duncan and Kathy have at least one identical conference (other than the moderated conference) in their main Instant Messenger window.

  11. As Duncan, double-click the name of the conference (other than the moderated room) to join it.

  12. As Kathy, double-click the name of the same conference.

    Now both members can chat in this conference room.

  13. Continue with the next task.