Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Evaluation Guide

ProcedureTo Create Alerts and Polls

Alerts are pop-up notifications that can be sent to others. Polls are instant surveys that can be sent to others.

  1. From Duncan's main Instant Messaging window, select Kathy and choose Alert from the Tools drop-down menu.

    The Send Alert window appears.

  2. Type a subject and compose your alert message.

    You can vary the text font, color, place an image, and more.

  3. Select the Show Delivery Status check box and click Send.

    The alert appears.

  4. Close all alert windows.

  5. From Duncan's main Instant Messenger window, select Kathy again.

  6. Choose Poll from the Tools drop-down menu.

    The Poll Users window appears.

  7. Type a poll question.

    To change the available answers, highlight the existing answers and remove them. Click Add Answer to add your own answers.

  8. When your poll question is complete, click Send.

    The poll question is sent. As the poll sender, Instant Messaging informs you of the recipients' answers to the poll.

  9. Continue with the next task.