Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Evaluation Guide

ProcedureTo Invite Others to Chat

You can invite others to join your current chat window.

  1. In Duncan's chat window, click Invite Users to Chat (icon of a person's head).

  2. Invite Robert to rejoin the chat then click OK.

    To invite Robert, you can either select his name from the Contacts List and click the Add button; or, you can enter his name or User ID in the appropriate field.

  3. Type an invitation such as Welcome and click OK.

  4. As Robert, click Accept to accept the chat invitation.

    Robert is now part of the chat room. This is a dynamic conference room which is different from the persistent conference rooms you will explore later.

  5. Close Robert's chat window and quit Gaim.

  6. Close all other chat windows from Duncan and Kathy.

    Do not quit the Instant Messaging applications for Duncan and Kathy.

  7. Continue with the next task.