Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Evaluation Guide

ProcedureTo Subscribe to Address Book

In this exercise, you subscribe to an existing address book that someone else has created and shared.

  1. At the Sun Java Communications Express login screen, log in as user tina. The password is demo.

  2. Click the Address Book tab.

  3. Select Manage Addressbooks from the Current Address Book drop-down menu.

    The Manage Addressbooks view appears.

  4. Click the Subscribe Addressbooks button to subscribe to a shared address book.

    The Search Address Book window appears.

  5. Type duncan in the Search field and click Search.

    Search results are returned to the window.

  6. Select the check box next to the address book you want to subscribe to and click Subscribe.

    You can refresh the view to note that the new address book has been added.

  7. Select the newly subscribed address book from the Current Address Book drop-down menu.

    You are now able to view the contents of the address book. Note that the icons for creating new contacts or for performing other modifications have been greyed out. You can only view this address book.

  8. Click Log Out to log out of the current session.

    You have new finished the Communications Express evaluation.

  9. Continue with the next demo.