Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Evaluation Guide

ProcedureTo Create, Share, and Subscribe to Address Book

Communications Suite supports the creation and management of multiple address books in addition to your default Personal Address Book. In this exercise, you create a new address book and share it so that others can view its contents.

  1. Click the Address Book tab at the top of the Communications Express UI.

  2. Select Manage Addressbooks from the Current Address Book drop-down menu.

    The Manage Addressbooks view appears.

  3. Click the New button to create a new address book.

    The Create Addressbook window appears.

  4. Type the address book information.

    1. Type an Address Book Name (for example, Friends and Family).

    2. Type a Description (for example, Address Book of friends and family members) .

  5. Select the Anyone can read my Addressbook checkbox so that this address book is viewable by everyone.

    You can also share this address book with specific users by typing their user ID and selecting the individual permissions check boxes.

  6. Click Save to create the address book.

    You have now created a new address book that can be viewed by others.

  7. Select the new address book that you created from the Current Address Book drop-down menu.

    The new address book view appears. For instance, if your address book was called Friends and Family, the Friends and Family address book view appears.

  8. Click the New Contact icon to add a contact to this address book.

    The New Contact window appears.

  9. Type a First Name, a Last Name, and a Primary Phone number in the appropriate entry boxes. Then click Save.

  10. Log out as user Duncan.

  11. You are now logged out of the current session. You will log in as a different user and will subscribe to the newly created address book.

  12. Continue with the next demo.