Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7.2 Administration Guide

Server Settings

Server Name: The host name for each Sun Java System server: Incoming Mail (IMAP), Outgoing Mail (SMTP), LDAP (Global Address List and User Settings), Address Book (WABP), Calendar (WCAP), and Free/Busy (WCAP).

Port: The default port number for each server. The default changes if you use SSL to connect to the server.

Use SSL: Mark this box to require an SSL to connect to the associated server.

Note –

If the Use SSL box is not marked for the Calendar server, the Free/Busy server values will be the same as for the Calendar, and the Free/Busy line will therefore be grayed out in this panel. But if Use SSL is marked for the Calendar, then you must specify a different port for Free/Busy.

Default: Restores all Port numbers back to their original default values (if you have changed the values but now want to restore the defaults). The default values for SSL vs. non-SSL are different, and this feature will restore the appropriate default for any given server depending on whether the Use SSL box is marked.