Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7.2 Administration Guide

User Settings

The user settings are used to extract information about the user. This information can be used to determine “out of office” settings and how the user's name and email address is displayed when sending email.

Retrieve user settings from LDAP: Enable this checkbox if you want your user settings extracted from LDAP.

User DN pattern: The elements of the user's Distinguished Name that, when assembled, will form the complete DN to authenticate the user's identity to the LDAP Directory Service (if authentication is required). Use the pattern specified for the User DN pattern field for the Global Address List.

Warn user at startup when out of office message is turned on: If this checkbox is enabled, a dialog box appears when Outlook is started warning the user that the out of office message is turned on. The user can choose to turn off the out of office message with this dialog.

Retrieve full name and email address from LDAP server: Enable this checkbox if you want the display of your name and email address updated from the LDAP server.