Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Instant Messaging Installation, Upgrade, and Uninstallation Issues


(Linux Only) When you upgrade to this release from Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7 2005Q4, the client resources will be undeployed from the web container.

Workaround: To avoid this problem, do one of the following:

  • Run the following command when applying the patch:

    "rpm -F --nopreun sun-im-client*"
  • Manually redeploy the client resources after applying the patch:


Server can't access user data after upgrading from Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7 2005Q4 to 7.2.


If you want to upgrade from Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7 2005Q4 to this release, and you are using a file to store user properties in the default location ( = "file"), you will need to copy the user data before you upgrade as follows:

Solaris: /var/opt/SUNWiim/db to /var/opt/SUNWiim/default/db

Linux: /var/opt/sun/im/db to /var/opt/sun/im/default/db


Customizations made to Instant Messaging resources are lost after patchrm

If you perform a patchrm on the Instant Messaging installation, all customizations to the client resources will be lost.

Workaround: Back up client resources before performing this action.


Server will not start after upgrade in a large deployment.

In a deployment where Instant Messaging conference information is stored in LDAP, and there are over 1,000 conferences stored, the server may not start after performing an upgrade. This is because at initial startup, the server checks to see if a migration has been performed. If none has, for example when upgrading from Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7 2005Q4 or 2005Q1 it isn't required, the server will not start. You need to manually add a flag to indicate that migration has been completed before starting the server.

Workaround: After upgrading, change to im_runtime_base and type the following commands at the command line to manually add a flag that indicates that migration has been completed:

touch db/muc/.ids_migrated_muc
touch db/muc/.ids_migrated

Upgrade rollback does not undeploy Instant Messenger components.

If you attempt to rollback this release to a previous version of Instant Messaging using patchrm, then run undeploy on the Instant Messenger resources, the undeploy command fails with the following error:

/im_svr_base/sbin/iwadmin: No such file or directory.

Workaround: None.

6440300, 6440340

Executing imadmin start command fails to start services after upgrading from 2005Q1 or 2005Q4 to 7.2.

A change was made to the watchdog in this release that causes imadmin from 2005Q1 or 2005Q4 to fail when used with the most recent version of the shared components and when the component is not also specified with the command.

Workaround: You must upgrade Instant Messaging components (server, etc.) to 7.2 if you upgrade the shared components to Sun Java Communications Suite 5. In addition, before you can upgrade Instant Messaging, you must update shared components.


(Solaris Only) Configure fails with error after rollback from Instant Messaging 7.2 to 2005Q4.

On Solaris, if you upgrade from Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7 2005Q4 to 7.2, then rollback to the 2005Q4 release, and then run the configure utility, configure fails with errors, but the rollback is successful.

Workaround: None.


The imadmin –migrate option is no longer supported.

Version 2005Q1 and earlier included a -migrate option for imadmin. This option is no longer supported.

Workaround: None.


The configure utility fails if you specify userid and groupid as anything other than root.

If you use any user other than root to install Instant Messaging, the user will not have permission by default to modify iim.conf. In this situation, when you run configure after installing, configure will fail.

Workaround: After installing, and before starting Instant Messaging components, you need to manually set permissions for imuser and imgroup as follows:

chown -R imuser:imgroup /var/opt/SUNWiim/default
chown -R imuser:imgroup /etc/opt/SUNWiim/default

Where imuser and imgroup are the user and group respectively, with which you installed Instant Messaging.

6516514, 6518514

(Linux Only) Upgrade to Instant Messaging 7.2 fails with file conflict error.

If you upgrade the sun-im-install-7.2–24 package before the sun-im-ident-7.2–24 package, the old versions of the packages are not overwritten. The old versions are sun-im-install-7.0–13 and sun-im-ident-7.0–13This results in the following error:

file /opt/sun/im/lib/imService.ldif from    \
install of sun-im-install-7.2-24 conflicts with    \
file from package sun-im-ident-7.0-13

The versions of these packages that should be installed with Instant Messaging 7.2 are sun-im-ident-7.2–24 and sun-im-install-7.2–24 .

Workaround: Uninstall the sun-im-ident-7.0–13 package, then upgrade Instant Messaging. Ensure that you apply sun-im-ident-7.0–24 before applying the sun-im-install-7.2–24 patch when applying patches during upgrade.