Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Set Up the Primary Node

Use the Sun Cluster command line interface as indicated to set up HA on the first node.

Note –

Refer to 6.5 Naming Conventions for All Examples in this Deployment Example for Configuring High Availability in Calendar Server Version 6.3 as a key for directory names and Sun Cluster resource names in the examples.

  1. Register the Calendar Server and HAStoragePlus resource

    ./scrgadm -a -t SUNW.HAStoragePlus
    ./scrgadm -a -t SUNW.scics
  2. Create a failover Calendar Server resource group.

    For example, the following instruction creates the calendar resource group CAL-RG with the primary node as Node1 and the secondary, or failover, node as Node2.

    ./scrgadm -a -g CAL-RG -h node1,node2
  3. Create a logical hostname resource in the Calendar Server resource group and bring the resource group online.

    For example, the following instructions create the logical hostname resource LOG-HOST-RS, and then brings the resource group CAL-RG online.

    ./scrgadm -a -L -g CAL-RG -l LOG-HOST-RS
    ./scrgadm -c -j LOG-HOST-RS -y    \
          R_description="LogicalHostname resource for LOG-HOST-RS"
    ./scswitch -Z -g CAL-RG
  4. Create and enable the HAStoragePlus resource.

    For example, the following instructions create and enable the HAStoragePlus resource CAL-HASP-RS.

    scrgadm -a -j CAL-HASP-RS -g CAL-RG -t 
         SUNW.HAStoragePlus:4 -x FilesystemMountPoints=/cal
    scrgadm -c -j CAL-HASP-RS -y 
         R_description="Failover data service resource for SUNW.HAStoragePlus:4"
    scswitch -e -j CAL-HASP-RS