Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Run the Configuration Utility ( on the Primary Node

  1. Run the configuration program.

    For example, from the /cal-svr-base/sbin directory:

    # pwd
    # ./

    For further information about running the configuration script, see Chapter 2, Initial Runtime Configuration Program for Calendar Server 6.3 software ( in this guide.

  2. At the Run Time Configuration panel, deselect both Calendar Server startup options.

  3. At the Directories panel, configure all directories on a shared disk. Use the following locations:

    Config Directory


    Database Directory


    Attachment Store Directory


    Logs Directory


    Temporary Files Directory


    Once you have finished specifying the directories, choose Create Directory.

  4. At the Archive and Hot Backup panel, specify the following choices:

    Archive Directory


    Hot Backup Directory


    When you have finished specifying the directories, choose the Create Directory option.

  5. Verify that the configuration is successful.

    Look at the end of the configuration output to make sure it says: “All Tasks Passed.” The following example shows the last part of the configuration output.

    All Tasks Passed. Please check install log 
     for further details.

    For a larger sample of the output, see 6.11 Example Output from the Calendar Configuration Program (Condensed)

  6. Click Next to finish configuration.