Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 64-bit Installation Technical Note

Known Issues and Limitations

This section contains a list of known issues and limitations with Messaging Server 6.3 64–bit Edition:


Quota Warning Delivery Can Deadlock

If the quota warning feature is enabled in this release, you might experience the following problems: 

  • Delivery fails with a 450 4.2.1 mailbox is busy error

  • ims_master logs the message General Warning: Shutdown timeout, possible deadlock

  • Cannot expunge mailbox

Workaround: Turn off over quota notifications. For example: configutil -o store.quotanotification -v off

This issue will be addressed in a future release. 


Errors with SASL shared component when installing Messaging Server in Alternate Root.

Workaround: Install SASL patch (libsasl) in default INSTALLROOT, not in the alternate root:

commpkg install —upgradeSC y


No Sun Cluster Agent available for 64–bit version of Messaging Server 6.3.

Currently, no Sun Cluster High Availability agent is supplied for the 64–bit version of Messaging Server 6.3. If you are looking to provide cluster support for your 64–bit installation, contact Sun Support.  

If you already have installed the 64–bit version, do not use the Sun Cluster agent that came with Sun Java Enterprise System 5 or with Sun Java Communications Suite 5.  

This bug only applies to Messaging Server 64–bit installations. The Sun Cluster agents bundled with Sun Java Enterprise System 5 and Sun Java Communications Suite 5 can be used with 32–bit Messaging Server 6.3 installations. 

A Sun Cluster agent that supports the 64–bit version will be available in the near future.