Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 64-bit Installation Technical Note

Uninstalling Messaging Server

To uninstall Messaging Server, run commpkg uninstallin INSTALLROOT/CommsInstaller/bin/.

It uninstalls the same products that commpkg install installs. However, it does not remove OS patches installed by commpkg install. In addition, it does not remove Shared Components.

Note –

A fast way to uninstall Messaging Server in an alternate root is to simply remove the entire alternate root.

The following command-line arguments are used with commpkg uninstall:

Command-line Argument 


—rootdir path

Specify the path of rootdir, the alternate root used for multi-installation. Supported on Solaris only.


Run the uninstaller silently, taking the inputs from the INPUTFILE and the command line. The command line arguments override entries in the INPUTFILE. Uninstallation proceeds without interactive prompts.

Use —dryrun to test silent uninstallation.

—dry-run or -n

Does not uninstall Messaging Server. Performs checks. Silent uninstallation INPUTFILE is created in /tmp.

If you run the uninstaller in Silent mode, you are running a non-interactive session. The uninstallation inputs are taken from a silent uninstallation file (also known as a state file), from command line arguments, or defaults.

To run a silent uninstallation, follow these steps:

  1. Run an interactive uninstallation session.

    A state file similar to /var/opt/CommsInstaller/logs/silent_CommsInstaller_20070501135358 is automatically created.

    Note –

    The silent installation and uninstallation files have the same file naming convention. You need to scan the contents of the file to determine if it's an installation or uninstallation silent file.

  2. Copy the state file to each host machine and edit the file as needed. .

  3. Run the silent uninstallation on each host. See the silent uninstallation usage.

Note –

Command-line arguments override the values and arguments in the state file.

The following is a sample uninstall silent file:

# Silent File for CommsInstaller 5.0-1.03

# Generated on 20070604120325

# root directory


# list of components to uninstall (using mneumonics)