Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.3 64-bit Installation Technical Note

Installing in Silent Mode

If you run the installer in Silent mode, you are running a non-interactive session. The installation inputs are taken from a silent installation file (also known as a state file), from command line arguments, or defaults.

To run a silent installation, follow these steps:

  1. Run an interactive installation session. (See To Begin Installation.) A state file similar to /var/opt/CommsInstaller/logs/silent_CommsInstaller_20070501135358 is automatically created.

  2. Copy the state file to each host machine and edit the file as needed. See Silent Mode File Format.

  3. Run the silent installation on each host. See the silent installation usage in commpkg usage.

Note –

Command-line arguments override the values and arguments in the state file.

Silent Mode File Format

The silent mode file (also known as a state file) is formatted like a property file: blank lines begin with a number sign (#) and properties are key/value pairs separated by an equals (=) sign. You can change the following parameters: