Using Calendar Server Capture (cscapture) to Collect Debug Data for Sun Java System Calendar Server

1.10.1 -i (Invasive Mode)

This option causes the script to perform actions that are invasive to running processes such as running gcore, pfiles, pstack, and pmap commands. The -i option can only be used if the calendar processes are not under cluster control. Sometimes invasive actions can disrupt a process and may cause it to crash. But they can provide useful information, particularly if the process has hung. For example:

./cscapture -i

When executed this way, CS Capture checks for running Calendar Server processes and simultaneously runs a gcore, pstack, and pmap on the running processes 3 times, once every 5 seconds. This data is gathered in the following location in the capture directory:

coredata/process name/gcores

For further information, see 1.4 What Data Does CS Capture Gather?

CS Capture also gathers the pfiles from each process. It gathers pkg_app data for the core files if pkg_app is executable and in the cscapture command's working directory. For information about running pkg_app with cscapture, see 1.11 Using CS Capture with pkg_app.

Note –

By default, CS Capture does not perform any invasive operations.