Using Calendar Server Capture (cscapture) to Collect Debug Data for Sun Java System Calendar Server

1.5 Supported Platforms, Calendar Server Versions, and Other Requirements.

Supported platforms:

For other platforms, continue to use the script. In the future, CS Capture will support other platforms. For now, the script can be found at:

Supported Calendar Server versions:

For earlier versions of Calendar Server, continue to use the script, which can be found at:

Other requirements:


CS Capture uses pkg_app to archive all the binary files associated with a core file for debugging purposes. See 1.11 Using CS Capture with pkg_app for further information about this facility.

Note –

Earlier versions of pkg_app are not compatible with CS Capture. pkg_app is distributed with CS Capture, and we recommend that you use only this supplied version with the CS Capture tool.

awk and nawk

CS Capture requires awk to be installed. It also uses nawk, if it is present. nawk is optional, but when installed on the same machine as CS Capture, it allows CS Capture to provide more information in the Summary file. For more information about this facility, see 1.12 Summary File.