Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0 Secure Web Access Add-On Guide

HTML Page After Rewriting

Testing JavaScript DJS Functions
menu.addItem(new NavBarMenuItem
("All Available Information","javaScript:top.location=

// is an entry in the Proxies for Domains and Subdomains list in the Gateway service. Hence Rewriter needs to rewrite this URL. But because an absolute URL, the Portal Server URL need not be prefixed. The DJS rule states that the second parameter of the DJS function NavBarMenuItem needs to be rewritten. But the second parameter is again a JavaScript variable. A second rule is required to rewrite the value of this variable. The second rule specifies that the value of the JavaScript variable top.location needs to be rewritten. Because all these conditions are met, the URL is rewritten.

//menu.addItem(new NavBarMenuItem("All Available Information",""));

// Although the DJS rule specifies that the second parameter of the function NavBarMenuItem needs to be rewritten, it does not happen in this statement. This is because Rewriter does not recognize the second parameter as simple HTML.