Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0 Secure Web Access Add-On Guide

ProcedureTo Download the SWA Add-On Using the GUI-Based Update Tool

If you are running Update Tool for the first time, you will have to install the interface before proceeding.

  1. Start Update Tool by changing to the webspace-dir/bin directory and typing updatetool.

    • If the Update Tool main window appears, proceed to Step 2.

    • If a prompt appears asking whether to allow the installation of Update Tool to proceed:

      1. Type y to proceed.

        The installer downloads and installs Update Tool and then exits. This process takes approximately 10 ‐ 15 minutes.

      2. Type the updatetool command again to start Update Tool.

        The Update Tool main window appears.

  2. Expand Web Space under the Application Images pane, and choose Available Updates.

    Figure 2–1 Update Tool

    Update Tool

  3. Click the Edit Properties button.

    The Image Properties window is displayed.

  4. Select the option repository, and choose Preferred.

    The Repository Properties window appears.

  5. Provide the appropriate repository URL provided by Sun support, and click OK.

    The repository is highlighted.

    Figure 2–2 Selecting the repository

    Selecting repositories

  6. Click OK again to enable the repository.

    The Update Tool main window is displayed.

  7. Expand Web Space under the Application Images pane, and choose Available add-ons.

  8. Select the Web Space for GlassFish V2 component, and click Install.

  9. Select the swa-administration, swa-datastore, and swa-gateway components.

Next Steps

Proceed to Installing the Secure Web Access Add-On for the remaining installation instructions.