Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0 Secure Web Access Add-On Guide

ProcedureTo Download the Secure Web Access Add-On Using the CLI-Based pkg Tool

  1. Start Update Tool by changing to the webspace-dir/bin directory and typing updatetool.

    • If the Update Tool main window appears, proceed to Step 2.

    • If a prompt appears asking whether to allow the installation of Update Tool to proceed:

      1. Type y to proceed.

        The installer downloads and installs Update Tool and then exits. This process takes approximately 10 ‐ 15 minutes.

      2. Type the updatetool command again to start Update Tool.

        The Update Tool main window appears.

  2. Change to the webspace-dir/pkg/bin directory.

  3. Type the following command to download the Secure Web Access Add-On:

    pkg set-authority -P --enable -O repository-name

    Ask your SunSolve service representative for the correct repository name to use.

  4. Type the following commands to install the base Secure Web Access Add-On.

    pkg install webspace-swa-datastore-addon

    pkg install webspace-swa-administration-addon

    pkg install webspace-swa-gateway-addon

Next Steps

Proceed to Installing the Secure Web Access Add-On for the remaining installation instructions.