Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0 Secure Web Access Add-On Guide

ProcedureTo Install the swa-datastore Component

  1. In a command shell of your operating system, change to the webspace-dir/webspace/swa-datastore directory.

  2. Run ant -f install-glassfish.xmlinstallation script..

    ant -f install-glassfish.xml
    Buildfile: install-glassfish.xml
        [input] JAVA_HOME must be set to JDK 1.5 or greater and java must be available in the execution path. GlassFish must be running. [RETURN to continue or CONTROL-C to stop]
        [input] Enter GlassFish Directory  [/opt/glassfish]
        [input] Enter GlassFish Domain (include full path to domain)  [glassfish-root/glassfish/domains/domain1]
        [input] Enter GlassFish Target  [server]
        [input] Enter GlassFish Administrator [admin]
        [input] Enter GlassFish Administrator Password File (include full path to file)  [/root/asadmin-password]
        [input] Enter GlassFish Administration Port  [4848]
        [input] Can installer deploy wars?  [true]
        [input] Enter Fully Qualified Datastore Host  [localhost]
    ***fully qualified name of the datastore deployment machine; can be the same machine***
        [input] Enter Datastore Port  [1099]
        [input] Use builtin Derby or a mySQL database  [Derby]
        [input] Enter Database User Name  [root]
        [input] Enter Database User Password File (include full path to file)  [/root/database-user-password]
        [input] Enter Database Host  [localhost]
        [input] Enter Database Port  [3306]
        [input] Enter Database Name  [lportal]

    Note –

    You need to provide the GlassFish root directory, path for the GlassFish administration password file and other details while installing the swa-datastore component of SWA.

    You need to provide a FQDN. Apart from that, you need to specify the database, user name for the database, path for the database password file, and other attributes.

  3. Restart the GlassFish server.