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Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager Software Release Notes

Release 5.0




Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager Release Notes

Features in This Release

Common Array Manager Software Features

Supported Arrays

Supported Platforms

Release Contents

System Requirements

Management Host System Requirements

Supported Platforms for the Remote Scripting CLI Client

Supported Web Browsers

Supported Languages

Installing Packages and Patches

Before You Begin

File Space Requirements

Installing and Upgrading Common Array Manager Software

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Upgrade the Array Firmware

Known Issues

Common Array Manager-Specific Issues

Installation Issues

Solaris OS 10 Issues

Storage Configuration Issues

procedure iconsmall spaceRemove and Replace a Power-Fan Assembly

Documentation Issues

Localization Issues

Operational Information

Release Documentation

Firmware Files

Service Contact Information

Third-Party Web Sites

A. Adding User Roles to Windows

Adding a Administrator User

Adding New Users