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Sun ONE Meta-Directory 5.1.1 Product Brief

Chapter 4  
Console Interface

Most Sun ONE products use the Console graphical user interface for navigating and configuring Sun ONE software. The Console always takes the same form and layout. The product/Console name can be found in the top left hand corner. The navigation tree can be found in the left panel of the Console and the product features interface in the right panel. This panel will change depending on what is clicked in the navigation tree. This chapter describes the different Consoles and how to recognize and customize them. This chapter contains the following sections:

Sun ONE Console Application

Sun ONE Console is the front-end Java application for the management of all Sun ONE software in your enterprise. It finds all the Sun ONE servers and applications registered in your configuration directory, displays them in a navigation tree, and allows you to manage and configure them. When you log in to Sun ONE Console, it connects to a server group’s Administration Server using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) although the two function independently. For more information, see the documentation for Sun ONE Console and Administration Server, Managing Servers With Sun ONE Console. The figure below shows Sun ONE Console's interface.

Figure 4-1  Sun ONE Console

Figure shows the Sun ONE Console’s interface.

    To access a console window
  1. Double-click the icon representing the Administration Server, Directory Server, or Meta-Directory from the navigation tree on the left of Sun ONE Console.
  2. The interface for that product will appear in the right panel.

  3. Press Open in the upper right corner of the component information panel.
  4. This displays the Console window for that component in a new window.

Directory Console Application

By starting from within the Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 installation, the Directory Server version of Sun ONE Console is displayed. The functionality of these two Consoles are the same. However, it is recommended to use the Console application appropriate to the software being administered.

About the Console Window

The Console window can be accessed by placing the mouse over the appropriate place in the tree appearing at the left side of the main Console. It is recommended that the Directory Server Console window be accessed from the Directory Server startconsole script (found within the Directory Server installation) and the Sun ONE Console windows be accessed from the Meta-Directory startconsole script (found within the Meta-Directory installation).

This figure shows the navigation tree as displayed in the left pane of the Console.

Sun ONE Administration Server Console Window

This has exactly the same functionality as the Directory Server Administration Server Console window mentioned in the previous section.

Directory Server Console Window

You can perform most Directory Server administrative tasks from the Directory Server Console window. The Directory Server Console window offers navigation options as well as the task interface. For more information, see Sun ONE Directory Server documentation.

Sun ONE Meta-Directory Console Window

The Sun ONE Meta-Directory Console window offers management, configuration, navigation and feature options for Sun ONE Meta-Directory software.The Sun ONE Meta-Directory Console window is pictured below.


The Sun ONE Meta-Directory Console window has a number of features that are accessible from within the graphical user interface as well as from the menus at the top of the Console.


From the Console menu, you have the following choices:


From the Edit menu, you have the following choices:


From the View menu, you have the following choices:


From the Object menu, you have the following choices:


From the Tools menu, you have the following option:


From the Help menu, you have the following options:

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