Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureAdd a Virtual Disk

  1. Export the virtual disk backend from a service domain.

    # ldm add-vdsdev [options={ro,slice,excl}] [mpgroup=mpgroup] \
    backend volume-name@service-name
  2. Assign the backend to a guest domain.

    # ldm add-vdisk [timeout=seconds] [id=disk-id] disk-name volume-name@service-name ldom

    You can specify an ID of a new virtual disk device by setting the id property. By default, ID values are automatically generated, so set this property if you need to match an existing device name in the OS. See Virtual Disk Identifier and Device Name.

    Note –

    A backend is actually exported from the service domain and assigned to the guest domain when the guest domain (ldom) is bound.