Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureExport a Physical Disk Slice as a Virtual Disk

  1. Export a slice of a physical disk as a virtual disk.

    For example, to export slice 0 of the physical disk c1t57d0 as a virtual disk, you must export the device that corresponds to that slice (c1t57d0s0) as follows.

    primary# ldm add-vdsdev /dev/dsk/c1t57d0s0 c1t57d0s0@primary-vds0

    You do not need to specify the slice option, because a slice is always exported as a single slice disk.

  2. Assign the disk to a guest domain.

    For example, assign the disk (pslice) to guest domain ldg1.

    primary# ldm add-vdisk pslice c1t57d0s0@primary-vds0 ldg1
  3. After the guest domain is started and running the Solaris OS, you can list the disk (c0d13, for example) and see that the disk is accessible.

    ldg1# ls -1 /dev/dsk/c0d13s*

    Although there are 8 devices, because the disk is a single slice disk, only the first slice (s0) is usable.