Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureUpgrade to the Logical Domains 1.3 Software

  1. Flash update the system firmware.

    For the entire procedure, see Upgrade System Firmware or Upgrade System Firmware Without an FTP Server.

  2. Disable the Logical Domains Manager daemon (ldmd).

    # svcadm disable ldmd
  3. Remove the old SUNWldm package.

    # pkgrm SUNWldm
  4. Add the new SUNWldm package.

    Specifying the -d option assumes that the package is in the current directory.

    # pkgadd -Gd . SUNWldm
  5. Use the ldm list command to verify that the Logical Domains Manager is running.

    The ldm list command should list all domains that are currently defined on the system. In particular, the primary domain should be listed and be in the active state. The following sample output shows that only the primary domain is defined on the system.

    # ldm list
    primary          active   ---c-   SP      32    3264M    0.3%  19d 9m