Logical Domains 1.3 Administration Guide

Virtual Disk and SCSI

If a physical SCSI disk or LUN is exported as a full disk, the corresponding virtual disk supports the user SCSI command interface, uscsi(7I) and multihost disk control operations mhd(7i). Other virtual disks, such as virtual disks having a file or a volume as a backend, do not support these interfaces.

As a consequence, applications or product features using SCSI commands (such as SVM metaset, or Solaris Cluster shared devices) can be used in guest domains only with virtual disks having a physical SCSI disk as a backend.

Note –

SCSI operations are effectively executed by the service domain, which manages the physical SCSI disk or LUN used as a virtual disk backend. In particular, SCSI reservations are done by the service domain. Therefore, applications running in the service domain and in guest domains should not issue SCSI commands to the same physical SCSI disks; otherwise, this can lead to an unexpected disk state.