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iPlanet Messaging and Collaboration Schema Reference

About This Manual

This manual serves as a reference for schema information for iPlanetTM Messaging and Collaboration products using LDAP, specifically iPlanet Messaging Server 5.2 and iPlanet Calendar Server 5.1.

Topics covered in this chapter include:

Who Should Use This Manual

You should use this manual if you want to provision iPlanet Messaging Server, or iPlanet Calendar Server, using LDAP. The audience for this manual consists of:

  • System architects who want to develop customized provisioning tools that interface between iPlanet Messaging and Collaboration product entries in the LDAP directory and their existing source of users, groups, and domains information such as a company database or billing system.

  • Site Administrators who want to know how to create domain, user, group, or resource entries using LDAP.

Readers are expected to have a basic understanding of LDAP, iPlanet Directory Server, and email or calendar concepts.

What You Need to Know

This manual assumes that you have a general understanding of the following:

How This Manual is Organized

This manual contains the following chapters and appendix:

Typographical Conventions

Monospaced Font

Monospaced font is used for any text that appears on the computer screen or text that you should type. It is also used for filenames, distinguished names, functions, and examples.

Bold Monospaced Font

Bold monospaced font is used to represent text within a code example that you should type.

Italicized Font

Italicized font is used to represent book titles and text that you enter using information that is unique to your messaging server. It is used for server paths and names and account IDs.

For example, throughout this document you will see path references of the form:


In these situations, server-root represents the directory path in which you install the server, and msg-instance represents the server instance (or default host machine name) you use when you install it. For example, if you install your server in the directory /usr/iplanet/server5 and use the server instance tango, the actual path is:


Where to Find This Book Online

You can find the iPlanet Messaging and Collaboration Schema Reference Manual online in HTML and PDF formats.

To find this book or other iPlanet Messaging Server documentation, use the URL:

or for this book and other iPlanet Calendar Server documentation, use the URL:

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