SunSHIELD Basic Security Module Guide

groups Token (Obsolete)

This token has been replaced by the newgroups token, which provides the same type of information but requires less space. A description of the groups token is provided here for completeness, but the application designer should use the newgroups token. Notice that praudit does not distinguish between the two tokens, as both token IDs are labelled groups when ASCII style output is displayed.

The groups token records the groups entries from the process's credential. The groups token has two fixed fields: a token ID field that identifies this as a groups token, and a count that represents the number of groups contained in this audit record. The remainder of the token consists of zero or more group entries. Figure A-10 shows a groups token.

Figure A-10 groups Token Format


Note -

The groups token is output only when the audit policy group is active. See "The auditconfig Command" for more information.