SunSHIELD Basic Security Module Guide

header Token

The header token is special in that it marks the beginning of an audit record and combines with the trailer token to bracket all the other tokens in the record. The header token has six fields: a token ID field that identifies this as a header token, a byte count of the total length of the audit record, including both header and trailer, a version number that identifies the version of the audit record structure, the audit event ID that identifies the type of audit event the record represents, an event ID modifier that contains ancillary descriptive information concerning the type of the event, and the time and date the record was created. Figure A-11 shows a header token.

Figure A-11 header Token Format


The event modifier field has the following flags defined:

0x4000			PAD_NOTATTR						nonattributable event
0x8000			PAD_FAILURE						fail audit event