Solaris 7 (SPARC Platform Edition) Installation Library

To Remove Packages With the pkgrm Command

  1. Log in to the installed system and become root.

    At the shell prompt, type:

    $ su

  2. Remove one or more packages from the system using the pkgrm command.

    # /usr/sbin/pkgrm pkgid

    In this command,


    Is the name of the software package to be removed from the installed system. For example, SUNWaudio.

  3. Verify that the package has been removed correctly.

    # /usr/sbin/pkgchk pkgid

    If the pkgchk command determines that the package is not installed, it will print a warning message.

Example: Removing Software From a System

The following example shows a command to remove the SUNWaudio package from a system. The example also shows the use of the pkgchk command to verify that the package files were removed.

# /usr/sbin/pkgrm SUNWaudio
The following package is currently installed:
   SUNWaudio       Audio applications^M
                   (sparc) 3.0,REV=1.2.13^M

Do you want to remove this package? y
Removal of <SUNWaudio> was successful.
# pkgchk -v SUNWaudio
WARNING: no pathnames were associated with <SUNWaudio>