Solaris 7 (SPARC Platform Edition) Installation Library

To Add Packages With Admintool

  1. Log in to the installed system and become superuser.

    At the shell prompt, type:

    $ su

    Unless you are a member of the UNIX sysadmin group (group 14), you must become superuser on your system to add or remove software packages with Admintool.

  2. Load the CD that contains the package to be added into the CD-ROM drive.

    Volume Manager will automatically mount the CD.

  3. Start Admintool.

    # admintool &

    The Users window is displayed.

  4. Choose Software from the Browse menu.

    The Software window is displayed.

  5. Choose Add from the Edit menu.

    The Set Source Media window may appear. If so, specify the path to the installation media and click on OK. The default path is a mounted SPARC Solaris CD.

    The Add Software window is displayed.

  6. Select the software you want to install on the local system.

    In the Software portion of the window, select the software you want to install.

  7. Click Add.

    A Command Tool window appears for each package being installed, displaying the installation output.

    The Software window refreshes to display the packages just added.