Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Basic Front Panel Skills

This section covers basic skills for using Front Panel controls and subpanels.

To Activate a Front Panel Control

    Click or double-click the control.

To Open a Subpanel

Controls that have subpanels have an arrow button on top of the control.

    Click the tab above the control.


To Close a Subpanel

The subpanel closes automatically when you choose a control unless you have moved the subpanel from its original location.

Front Panel Pop-Up Menus

Each control in the Front Panel has a pop-up menu. The menu is different for each control.

To Display a Front Panel Pop-Up Menu

    Press mouse button 3 over the control.

    The control's pop-up menu is displayed.

Contents of the Pop-Up Menus

The contents of the pop-up menu depend on the behavior of the control and its location.

Main Panel Controls

If the control starts an application, the first entry in the menu is a command that starts the application. Choosing the menu item has the same effect as clicking the control.


In addition, the pop-up menu may contain the following items:

Switch Area

The switch area is the portion of the workspace switch not occupied by other controls or workspace buttons.


The switch area pop-up menu contains the following items:

Workspace Buttons

Use the workspace buttons to change workspaces. Each button has its own menu.


The workspace button pop-up menu includes the following items:

Subpanel Controls

The pop-up menus for subpanels include a command for making the control the current Main Panel control.


The pop-up menu for subpanel controls includes the following items:

Front Panel Drop Zones

The Front Panel contains the following controls that act as drop zones:

Front Panel Help

You can get help on:

To Get On Item Help on a Front Panel Control

    Choose Help from the control's pop-up menu.


  1. Display the Help subpanel.

  2. Click the On Item Help control.

    The pointer changes shape.

  3. Click the control on which you want help.

To Get Help on Using and Configuring the Front Panel

  1. Display the Help subpanel.

  2. Click the Front Panel Help control.

    This displays the Help Viewer and Front Panel help volume.

To Move the Front Panel or a Subpanel

Subpanels are moved like other windows--by dragging the title bar.

The Main Panel is moved using its move handles.


To Minimize the Front Panel

Minimizing the Front Panel turns it into an icon.

    Click the Front Panel's minimize button.


The Front Panel window icon is labeled with the workspace name.