Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Voice Notes

In the same way as Text Note allows you to rapidly create small text files and display them on the desktop, Voice Note allows you to record an audio message and save it on the desktop for playing later. For example, you might want to record the pronunciation of a foreign name, or a useful quotation which you don't want to type.

The Voice Note control is located on the Applications subpanel of the Front Panel. When you click the Voice Note control it runs the Audio application, which immediately starts recording from your host's microphone. To stop recording, you click the Stop button or exit the Audio application.

The sound file that is created is displayed on your desktop when you exit the Audio application. You can remove it by choosing Remove From Workspace from the right-mouse button popup menu. You can remove it from your file system by deleting it from your home directory.

Caution - Caution -

If you click the Voice Note control and neglect to stop Audio, it can record and save a huge file that may eventually use up all your disk space.