Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Find a Host Card

  1. Open Address Manager.

  2. Open the Search menu and ensure that only the Hosts menu item is selected.

  3. Type your search text in the box provided.

    Your search text should be a full or partial system name such as jupiter, or a full or partial IP address such as

  4. When you are satisfied with the search text you have entered, click the search (magnifying glass) icon.

    Address Manager searches in the relevant card folders for all occurrences of the specified text. Each time it finds a card matching the search criteria, it lists it in the Found drop-down box.

    Tip -

    If no matching cards are found, refine the search text.

  5. Use the Found drop-down box to browse through the cards found to identify the required hosts.

    The Actions menu will list the available actions. See also "Performing Actions on Cards".