Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Address Cards


Address cards are similar to RolodexTM cards in that they contain pre defined lines containing names, addresses, contact information, and so on. The name of an address card is usually derived from a person's name, such as "FredJones" or "Fred-Jones". When searching, Address Manager searches all entries on the card to match the search text.


Address cards are based on the virtual card (vCardTM) standard. This standard is supported on other operating environments and enables easier interchange of information by email. For further information, contact the Internet Mail Consortium (

Address Manager maintains a directory on your system called the personal cards folder ($HOME/.dt/Addresses) where it stores any personal address cards you create.

Note -

You may have useful information on Rolo or XRolo cards: These do not follow any particular format and therefore are not automatically converted to vCards. To use the information in your XRolo cards in Address Manager, convert them to the vCard format and copy them to the Personal Cards folder.